November 10 - 11th first Fall Obedience / Rally Trials

AWESOME FIRST FALL EVENT!! Great team effort from set up to break down. Stewards, Judges, Volunteers, Participants - every contribution made it a success!  BRAGS are posted for our club members.

Many more PICTURES are available for viewing and purchase from Schooner Hill Photography.

OCT 21st Tracking Tests

What a FABULOUS weekend of tracking. 6 TD tracks and 3 TDX were ran with 3 new TD and 1 TDX titles earned. 

Carole Boland with Lanbur’s Katie of Bridalvale Farm, Beagle

Rolanda Dane with Fire Fox Del Rio. Belgian Malinois

Connie Glore with Sugar Tree’s Sea Jetty MH, Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Joe Juza with SHR Stormwatch Nor’easter CGC OA NAJ SH DS BN WCX Flat Coatted Retriever

More pictures available to view and to purchase at JLA Photography

Thank you to Susan A. Boyd, Kim Kearfott and Ed Presnall for judging. And to ALL the wonderful volunteers, track layers, drivers, cooks, Northstar for the location, and MCKC for support.

Maine Event - Sept 1 - 2: Conformation Shows, CGC, Trick tests, My Dog Can Do That, AKC Patch program was a great success!  

Saturday RESULTS 
mkck showYou can see all the images at

ACT tests - August 2018 - Fun and titles: (check out the Gallery at the photographer's website)

June 2, 2018 - AKC Judges Tracking Seminar led by Carol Ruthenberg, AKC Tracking Representative.

April 14-15, 2018 Obedience - Rally Trials

Held at Mt Ararat High School,  Topsham, ME
Judges: Danette M Chorney,  Denise D Lacroix,  Alison Jaskiewicz


April 29, 2018  TD and TDX Tests

Mid Coast Kennel Club of Maine was again able to put on a very well received tracking test this past weekend.  The combined TD/TDX filled with 6 TD entries and 3 TDX entries.  The judges, Ed Presnall and Marilyn Johnson, plotted some challenging and fun tracks, especially for dealing with some very wet conditions.  We had two TD passes, both Golden Retrievers, one is North Star's Deputy Marshal (Wyatt) handled by Carolyn Fuhrer.  The other, Calliope Snow Wizzard handled by Nancy Cyr.  Several of the other TD teams came very close to passing.  We had no TDX passes, but all the handlers enjoyed the challenges of the tracks.  Our next event is TDU at Colby College and we have many more tracking events on the MCKC website.  We are all so glad tracking season is here!