Think you might want to formally compete with your dog?

Dog shows can be great fun. You’ll meet other people with your breed and with a little bit of luck and some perseverance you’ll be able to add a title to your dog’s registered name.

The best way to learn how to show your dog is to attend training classes. If none are available, just go to a show when one is in your area. It may be a good idea if you leave your dog at home this first time. At the next show, take your dog with you and work on getting him used to the sights and sounds.

When you think you’ve both got it down pat, go ahead and enter a show. All the information you need can be found on your dog’s registration certificate. You’ll just have to figure out which class your dog belongs in. The process is easy.

There will be a Premium posted for the event by the hosting club. This will give you all the information on what classes / activities are being offered. It also will contain an entry form that can be sent by mail. These Premiums are often posted by the clubs on their websites or facebook pages. There are also online sites that post these premiums and allow you to enter and pay directly. These sites are called Superintendents - the three best known are:
MB-F -
Rau -
Foy Trent -

Once you have entered, you will receive a "judges program" and your entry slip with your armband number via the mail about a week before the show.
The Judges Program tells you approximately what time and in which ring you will be participating. You should leave yourself plenty of time to get to the event, park, find the correct ring, walk your dog and just get ready before your time slot.

When you show your dog, you will be recognized by an armband. You  pick this up at the table near the your assigned ring at least 30 minutes before your class.  Be sure you know your class and number (which you received in the mailing). Approach the table and wait patiently until the person working (Steward) has a moment, then state your breed or class and number. For example:

If you are in Conformation, "Leonberger number 42" or if in a Performance Event, "Obedience Novice number 23".
There will usually be rubber bands on the table to use to "wear the number on your LEFT arm".

Be at or near your ring as your time approaches. The Steward will let you know when to enter for your turn.

Have fun!