MCKC is approved in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking


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Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) Test, August 3 in Augusta, ME - Download Premium or Entry Form Only

Variable Surface Tracking (VST) Test, August 4 in Waterville, ME - Download Premium or Entry Form Only

Agility Trial, September 27, 28, and 29 at Pineland Farms Equestrian Center, New Gloucester, ME 

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Convened at 6:38 PM ATTENDING:  Paula Titon, Zola Coogan, Carolyn Fuhrer, Martha Ortman, Theo Congdon, Sue Mendleson

Secretary’s report: December 2017 minutes accepted; Zola’s Reminder that we do not have a Maine Federation Representative; volunteer needed.

Treasurer’s report:  Nominating Committee selected: Kathy Duhnoski Chair Ann Donaldson, Sharon Betts, alternates: Martha Ortman, Carol TIchy) April is election month, May 1st  dues for 2018-19 are due.

Our Clynk account is now open. All members can donate their recyclables to MCKC .  Bags and stickers are available.  Contact Sue Mendleson or Kathy Duhnoski for information

Conformation Show  for 2018: CMKC will not be joining us this year for our shows in Union. They have one year to hold the dates with AKC. Looking toward 2019 if they choose to give up these dates we can look toward another club joining us and toward inviting breed clubs to hold regional specialties with us. Theo will prepare a draft proposal about what would make it desirable to chose our site. Meanwhile its time to gear up for 2018!  Trophies and trophy sponsors! Theo completing paperwork for shows including 4-6 month puppy show on Saturday and clearing up paperwork SNAFU with CMKC)

Performance Events:

Obedience Trials in Topsham: [1] April 14-15 including CGC tests, trick tests, practice run throughs. Vendors wanted. Also ring stewards, people to help set up and break down.

                                                         [2] Nov. 10-11

Tracking tests are set

Agility: still in the researching stage.  (Noreen Bennett and perhaps Happy Tails in Portland) getting dates with an available site and with Max 200 available is the challenge.

Barn Hunt: We think we can use Union Fairgrounds.  Suggested that we start with Barn Hunt practice runs (will make money, that we also look into scent work opps as well.