MCKC is approved in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking


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Agility Trial, September 27, 28, and 29 at Pineland Farms Equestrian Center, New Gloucester, ME 

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MCKC Minutes February 16, 2017 Thompson Community Center 7:15-8:40 PM

Present: Theo Congdon (presiding) Kathy Duhnoski, Carolyn Fuhrer, Trina Havers, Annette MacNair, Sue Mendleson, Paula Titon

Secretary’s report: January minutes approved with typo corrections.

PLEASE NOTE: MEETING DATE CHANGES FOR MARCH AND APRIL:  We will meet on the 3rd Thursday rather than the second Thurs of each of these moths. So our March meeting will be on MARCH 16th and the April meeting April 20th. Remember that the April meeting is the Annual Meeting when elections are held.

Treasurer’s report, current balance $3563, awaiting reconciliation check from[PT1]  CMKC.  Motion made, seconded and approved to accept the treasurers report. Motion made, seconded and approved  to make a $50 donation to an appropriate cause  in memory of Pat Hunt, recently deceased Union Fairgrounds grounds supervisor, who always worked so helpfully with us during our dog shows.

Committee Reports

1.       Obedience/Rally Trials April 15-16:  Given a SNAFU with the software originally to be used the obedience committee has researched and recommended working with Rau, using their “Show in a Box” method as the most economical and doable method in the time allotted to put together the trials this year. Moved and seconded and approved to proceed with this . Carolyn Fuhrer will be Chief Steward for the trials. Contact person at the school where trials will be held is Ella Anderson. Theo will be available to help with set up on Friday. There will be an obedience match after the Saturday trials. There will be a 50-50 raffle. We can use help with stewarding, food, and set up and take down Friday, Saturday and Sunday

2.       April  8-9, 2017 Tracking trials -are “on track.” Jody Fraser has asked to be a tracking apprentice with the judges. This was approved by the judges and by MCKC.

3.       September Conformation shows: It was suggested that we investigate using the Show in the Box for the conformation shows in September, at least for this year as a way to save money. Since we are not doing the obedience shows in September, we will have club members to staff the secretarying of the show; we have enough ring gates for the number of rings we will have.  We will have to check on other needed paraphernalia such as an American Flag, Star Spangled Banner , speaker system, AKC banner. To proceed further with this idea it was agreed Theo Congdon and Sue Mendleson would communicate with CMKC, since we need both clubs doing the same thing; perhaps setting up a joint meeting and Theo bringing Dan Dowling up to speed on this idea.  Sue volunteered to schedule and host a joint show committee meeting.

4.       Constitution Committee: The committee has met and gone over all the changes we think are needed. A draft of the proposed changes will be emailed to all members shortly and then at the April meeting we will have a vote to confirm the changes. Any member who wishes to have a print copy should contact Paula Titon.  We will request that members notify us of their receipt of the electronic version

5.       Nominating Committee has been appointed: )(1 board member, 2 regular members and 2 alternates) and will put a slate of officers and board members together for the next meeting. Kathy Duhnoski will chair the committee.

6.       Barn Hunt: Trina Havers continues to research possible sites.  Will be checking Inn Along the Way in Damariscotta.

Old Business: The ACT program is successfully underway.  The first training workshop was held in Raymond on Feb 4, and the second one is coming up on Feb 25, to be followed by ACT trials on March 18.

New Business: AKC Agility:  Currently the only AKC agility trials in Maine are held by the Collie Club of Maine. Carolyn and Kathy have been in touch with Noreen Bennett who is an AKC Agility Trials spokesperson in New England, and we may be able to hold an “A Agility Match” the same weekend ad their trials. We agreed Carolyn and Kathy should discuss this possibility with the Collie Club.  In order to be approved by the AKC to hold Agility trials the A Match is a necessary first step for MCKC.