MCKC is approved in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking


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Tracking Dog Urban (TDU) Test, August 3 in Augusta, ME - Download Premium or Entry Form Only

Variable Surface Tracking (VST) Test, August 4 in Waterville, ME - Download Premium or Entry Form Only

Agility Trial, September 27, 28, and 29 at Pineland Farms Equestrian Center, New Gloucester, ME 

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MCKC May, 10, 2018 Meeting

Present: Marguerite Cutroni, Trina Havey, Carolyn Fuhrer, Kathy Duhnoski, Zola Coogan, Peter Liscomb, Martha Ortmann, Paula Tito, Annette MacNair, Theo Congdon, Donna Cook, Sue Mendleson, Joyce Grotton, Sharon Betts (via conf call)

From 5:30-6:35 there was a premeeting attended by some of the above to discuss plans and ideas for future obedience & rally trials and Tracking trials. Kathy Duhnoski and Carolyn Fuhrer have been carrying the bulk of the work load for planning and implementing these activities and they presented ideas for how the jobs can be divvied up for the future.

I. For Tracking: Jobs to be done:

· 2 people to plan tracking tests for 2019-2020 judges and schedules for 2019-2020, working with Ed Presnall- Peter Liscomb, Paula Titon

· Person to send applications to AKC no later than 18 weeks before test date- Martha Ortmann

· Secretary receives applications and handles the awards (Paula Titon for July/August, 2018. Zola for October, 2018 tests) AKC (the secretary/Chair of these events) cannot enter the tests. Need Secretary/chair for 2019 and 2020

· Tracklayers guide needed (Carolyn will work on this)

· Food coordinator: Plan menus and oversee meals, establish a budget Trina will work on this

· Running Beginner Tracking workshops for the club; explore possibility of helping to offer workshops in northern part of the state

· Someone to coordinate traffic /parking during tracking tests, for moving from site to site, maps with parking areas marked to hand out

· Finding more nearby fields that can be used for tracking

· Tracking Committee: Carolyn, Peter, Theo

· 4 More Flag sets of 7 needed if more TDs are offered -Trina will make; bandanas, gloves, award flags

· Hospitality for judge person, also a greeter at the test headquarters, thank you gifts for track layers, judges

· Marketing & promotion needs to be improved, Peter & Sharon will coordinate this

2. Obedience Trials:

· Nov 2018, April 2019-Judges are in place

· Nanci Hayes, both an exhibitor and judge, is a valuable resource in our planning

· Use corresponding calendar, begin work on 2020 judges; ask for input from Nanci & exhibitors f

· Secretary/chair needed -2018 Chris Drostie. Submit application to AKC 18 wks prior to event date

· Chief steward: for November: Annette with a co person to help and learn the job

· Food Vendor? – with healthy food

· Trophy chair & advertiser -Kathy

· Judges bags, hospitality, Nanci Hayes can help with hotel reservations ; Paula make check list for bags

· Trailers long term assessment/plan

· Obedience Committee: Carolyn, Annette, Sharon


Regular Membership Meeting Convened at 6:40

Sec Report-

· AKC Events closings up to date

· MFDO (Maine Federation of Dog Organizations) We are still listed as a member club, but we haven’t paid dues. Trina will try calling in as our Delegate. (3rd Tues of the month?) Organization seems primarily concerned with lobbying for legislation in keeping with AKC goals. Trina will report back at June meeting

· Meeting Agendas- It was decided to continue to have a meeting agenda. Paula will distribute prior to the meeting date. Future meeting topics will be discussed at each meeting.

· Monthly Meeting Conference Calls - The club will trial the use of allowing members to call in to the monthly meeting. Paula will send out the call-in information with the agenda. Based on participation and effectiveness there will be a decision to continue or not.

· New member: Joyce Grotton. Welcome! And change in Peter Liscomb status to voting member

Treasurer’s report Welcome to new treasurer, Marguerite Cutroni. Treasurer’s report accepted. Some members still have not paid dues.

Committee Reports

· Conformation Show: no proposed budget has been submitted, we need a sense of projected costs and income. Ideas to raise money to help finance shortfall for the show needed (microchip clinic, eye/heart clinic, AKC match. No word as yet on chief Steward, trophy funds not yet fully funded. Raise entry fees , parking fees Essentially feeling disorganized. Requested by vote of members in attendance: At the June Meeting: a concrete report of the projected costs for the show and realistic entries projection is expected from the show committee (Dan Dowling & Theo Congdon)

· Performance Events -See premeeting minutes

Unfinished Business:

· Vote of CLYNK Funds - based on a vote, the existing and future CLYNK Funds will be directed to the 2018 Point Show. How then future funds will be directed will be addressed after the show.

· Proposed Award Tracking Flag discussion will be finalized at June meeting. Trina will provide a third alternative model.

New Business:

· August Meeting Date will be August 16, (not the 9th) after show closing date

· Website report: Moved/Passed to replenish website funds by $150 and to replenish by $ 25 as needed. In 2019 $250 due for website hosting (once every 3 years)

· July Meeting on the 12th will be held at Carol Tichy’s house with a mini “summer dog olympic games”, and barbecue on and rain date of July 17


· Mikey (Gamblin’ Man): BN (Kathy)

· Loretta (Honky Tonk Girl): 1st place Graduate Open & 1st place Wild Card Open (Carolyn)

· Wyatt (Deputy Marshal) TD (Carolyn)

· Bernie at the Newfie National: made the cut in 4-6 month puppy classn9out of 19 entries & achieved STAR puppy certificate (Sue Mendleson)

· Quincy at the Newfie National: 2nd in 9-11 yr Veterans (Sue)

· Poppy-2 legs in BN (Annette)

· Maiha: 1st leg in Preferred Open (Marguerite)

· Pearl: CGC (Marguerite & Peter), & 2nd leg in BN

· Kazakhi: CGC (Paula), Both Kazakhi & Star are Achiever Dogs, and have their BN& RN titles

· Nuri & Rosy: 2 STAR puppies (Paula)

· Chow Chow National: Chen-ko received the Triathalon Award & the Dam of the Best of Breed ad Winner’s Dog was bred by Zola Coogan