MCKC Membership Meeting Jun 14, 2018

6:35 PM Called to order; conference call failed at the meeting end

Present:Marguerite Cutroni, Peter Liscomb, Annette MacNair, Carolyn Fuhrer, Kathy Duhnoski, Skye Havey, Trina Havey, Theo Congdon, Sue Mendleson, Zola Coogan, Paula Titon

Minutes for May Meeting accepted as published

Secretary Report: [1] Clarification requested: Does the term Board of Directors refer to officers and board members?  Consensus: Yes. Suggestion: Can we keep a list of “interpretive bylaws for future reference? [2] General sense we would like to allow conference call participants to count as present and allow them to vote.

Treasurer’s report: Accepted

Committee Reports

  • ·Performance:[1] Tracking:  Martha Ortmann will file tracking application; Peter Liscomb & Paula Titon will consult with Ed Presnall regarding judges; Sharon w ill take the lead for advertising and work with Jody Fraser [2] Agility: Still researching both indoor and outdoor sites for agility trials and dates. Hoping to have more to report by July. ACT I & II tests are scheduled at Northstar for late summer. [[3] Obedience: November trials: gathering trophy donations, Annette will help and also train someone else to take on responsibilities
  • ·Conformation: [1] Sue is coordinating Stewards So far Denise ________  and Linda Dean are on board. [2]Sue will contact Wayne Luce or someone else re trach collection [3] Zola will coordinate getting ads for catalogue [4] Report on finances: Judge cost estimated at $4980.  If we have at least 250 entries with $ 5000 fees to Rau, $2000 we can estimate $ 8,000 income.  Other income from campers, ads will help but outgo for tents, too. …[4] Premium List should be available on line. [5] sfety officer needed during show hours

Old Business:

  • ·Tracking Logo:  Moved and passed to go with logo design presented by Marguerite and Peter.  A two year supply will be donated by them.  Thank you to Trina as well for creating an alternative design for us to consider.
  • ·Trailer research:  Incomplete. We have no liability insurance .  Theo has it on his truck/trailer, but it doesn’t cover contents of the trailer , not sure about Donna’s trailer
  • ·MFDO reportfrom Trina , Trina will continue to participate in phone meeting; should we pay dues?
  • ·Party/cookoutat Carol and Frank Tichy’s July 12 with rain date the 17th.

New Business -Brags

[1] Sue Mendleson: Bernie received puppy group 2 at the Wassamki Springs Show, and passed his Puppy FUNdamentals class. Quincy was a schooner dog on the Margaret Todd.        

[2] Annette’s Poppy in the 12-18 month puppy classes at Wassamki Springs show for 4 days received 2 second places and 2 fourth places . In junior handling the junior handler received a 1st and 2nd place      

[3] Zola’s Chen-ko became a new champion at Wassamki Springs; and one dog out of her breeding received won the Michigan Chow Specialty and two others were Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex at the Southern California Chow Specialty

Agenda for July Meeting:

  • ·4:30 Summer Doglympics: dog games
  • ·6:00  Supper
  • ·Meeting: Lets keep it short! Please submit reports in writing and keep discussion brief: Tracking and Conformation events are coming up and any information which needs to be disseminated should be the priority topics for the meeting. Please let me know if there are any other topics that need coverage./Paula

August Meeting will be held August 16 (3rd Thursday of August) so that we will have data from Rau on show entries