6:37 Called to order, Theo Congdon presiding

Attending: Theo Congdon, Paula Titon, Marguerite Cutroni, Annette MacNair, Donna Cook, Zola Coogan, Kathy Duhnoski, Martha Ortmann, Vicki Rolls, DM Joliffe, Dan Dowling, Peter Liscomb Carol Tichy, Carolyn Fuhrer, Trina Havey, Karen Littlefield (guest)

President’s Report: Theo thanked Vicki Rolls on behalf of the club for coming into meet with him prior to the membership meeting to review the superintending tasks for the show.

Secretary’s report: July minutes currently not available. There are 3 new member applications pending.  They will be sent out for member review shortly.  Responses (questions or comments are requested by September 12th

Treasurer’s Report: In addition to the filed reports of our current financial status, the treasurer recommended [1] action to cover the costs of the trailer (should it be used) housed with Donna Cook at the club’s expense. Motion was made and passed to have Donna and Dave decide about how to transport the materials needed from the trailer to the show and then to discuss long term plans the next meeting (9/13/18) [2] that following the point show we shift the income from CLYNK into the general fund from the point show fund because we need more than our current dues income to cover club costs such as insurance.

Performance:                                                                                                                                                                  Obedience: Plans for the November Obedience Trials in Topsham are well in place.  Volunteers will be needed!     

 Tracking:  August TDU & VST tests ay Colby went well.

Certification tests will be offered Sept 15 at Northstar. 

TD & TDX tests will be held in October with headquarters at Northstar.  

Agility: ACT I & II tests will be held August 24 at Northstar. 

An open forum meeting to brainstorm plans for future Agility trials will be held at 5:30 on Sept 13 prior to out membership meeting at the Thompson Community Center in Union.

Conformation: Shows September 1 & 2

List of done and to do

Rau boxes should be sent to Theo (242 Ridge Rd Tenants Harbor 04860, with payment enclosed) Dan Dowling will contact Rau.

Entries are 297 entries (293 dogs) Sunday 275 entries (268 dogs) 4 rings will be set up with tenting as last year. (Sue Mendleson)

Scales need to be purchased for $99 which is more than originally budgeted. It was moved and passed that Theo proceed with the purchase.

Judges transportation and Hotel are arranged (Dan Dowling)

Contract with Faigrounds includes our use of the blueberry Bldg kitchen and seating for judges’ lunch (Sue)

EMT, Trash are arranged (Sue)

Donna Cook and Carol Tichy will coordinate food for judges lunches.

Sue Mendleson is Chief ring steward

Ribbon holders and AKC book and pamphlets will be transferred to Theo from Paula

RV parking will be coordinated by Annette with help from Theo and Vicki will contact Julia to see if she can help out again

Theo will have the ring set up trailer at the show grounds Friday

Trina Havey is coordinating some non food vendors. “Ice Cream Bill” and “French Fry Bill” will be there!!

PA system and US and Canadian Anthems - Sue Mendleson

Walkie Talkies – Donna and Dave are checking them for readiness

Ice- Paula will pick up initial supply Sat & Sun AM.

Set up and stake out crew Fri AM at 8:30, Ring set up after tents are up (roughly around 1 PM?)

           Sunday PM breakdown and clean up crew