MCKC JULY 12 2018 Membership Meeting minutes

Held at the Tichy Residence in North Union following a fun afternoon of Summer dogolympics MC’s by Carolyn Fuhrer and a cookout/potluck supper hosted by Carol and Frank Tichy.

Present at the meeting were Theo Congdon, Sharon Betts, Annette MacNair, Carol Tichy, Martha Ortmann, Kate Marchelletta, Lise Hanners, Kathy Duhnoski, Sue Mendleson, Donna Cook, Dave Taylor, Trina Havey, Paula Titon

Secretary’s report: June minutes accepted as amended: under performance report:  Annette MacNair willsubmit the Obedience/Rally application to the AKC, and will be chief steward in November, with Martha Ortmann as chief steward in training.

Treasurer’s report was submitted by Marguerite Cutroni in absentia.  Annette will accept and deposit monies collected from the Performance activities and email Marguerite with the details.

Point Show Committee: things are on track for the Sept 1-2 shows, with entries closing in 5 weeks. Theo and Vicki Rolls w ill get together before the show to go over details and Vicki will be on hand to assist Theo.  Sue will get the entry numbers from Rau before our August meeting , contact the new trash pick up company.  We will set up for the show on Friday the 31st  Annette will need help with Camper  Parking.  Theo and perhaps Julie who helped last year will be on hand from 3:00 PM Fri.  Trina will run an AKC sponsored Patch program as well as getting vendors for the show.

Performance Committee: Tracking: Track laying schedule for July-August tests at Colby College will be forthcoming from Paula. Agility: Perhaps a match with Collie Club in June 2019; discussing with Nora Bennett.


Annette: 2 firsts and a second in her classes at Cumberland; and and on Sunday Annika Miller with Poppy was Best Junior Handler in Show on Sunday.

Kate: Zivah got ner Rally Novice title with 3 Q’s, 2 at Cumberland. One at W. Springfield.

Sharon:  Sira has 3 more Rally Master’s legs

Martha:  Pepper tied for first in today’s Dogolympics