MCKC Membership Meeting Sept 13, 2018 mtg called to order at 7:02: PM

In attendance: Theo Congdon (presiding) Annette MacNair, Marguerite Cutroni, Paula Titon, Zola Coogan, Donna Cook, Kathy Duhnoski, Carolyn Fuhrer, Sue Mendleson, Carol Tichy, Peter Liscomb, Martha Ortmann, Vicki Rolls,  Robin Ohrt (new Applicant)

Secretary’s minutes for July and August approved

Secretary’s report:  3 new members accepted: Kate Marchelletta (voting) , Lise Hanners and MJ Penn (Lise and MJ currently as non-voting members, pending clarification).  One new member application received and will be disseminated to the membership for review before the October meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Report accepted as presented.  One remaining overdue membership due to member being abroad. Motion made by the treasurer and seconded and passed for the  Clynk income to be moved from the Point Show income line to the General Fund line to help offset non-event expenses not covered by membership dues..

Performance Committee Report

Oct 21: Tracking Tests (TD & TDX) will be held with Northstar as the headquarters.  Track layers needed on Oct 20 & 21.  Also food and hospitality, and drivers needed.  Please call Kathy to volunteer ( 207-691- 2332) as soon as possible.

Nov 10-11: Rally & Obedience Trials at Mt Ararat HS in Topsham, set up Nov. 9.  Volunteer helpers needed to set up and take down as well as ring stewards and runners.  Please call Kathy to volunteer (207-691-2332) There will be a 5:30 Premeeting OCT 11 before the membership meeting to discuss ring stewarding for the trials, as well as to formalize ideas to propose to the membership meeting for moving forward with Agility activities in 2019. 

Point Show (AKA Conformation Show) Committee Report

The 2018 shows went well, the weather and show atmosphere was terrific.  The addition of the AKC “My Dog Can Do That” and the CGC and Trick tests during the time of the show were a great success  and well received. (Thank you Kathy, Carolyn and Annette) The vendors who came for the most part enjoyed being there and were well received. (Thank you Trina)

The show financially was “in the black”. Thank you  Dan, Vicki and Theo. Thank you chief ring steward (and more) Sue Mendleson, and thanks to all our team of volunteers: hostesses, cooks and trophy donors, catalogue advertisers, set up and clean up crews.  

Going forward: [1] Dan Dowling would like to step down from Show Chair responsibilities, but will keep the weekend open to be available to help.  [2] Vicki Rolls will be show Chairman for 2019, Theo Congdon -Show Secretary, and Annette MacNair, secretary-in-training.  They will set up a show committee and will consult with Dan to identify judges not just for 2019 but looking ahead for 2-3 years.  [3] Annette will form a budget committee which will focus on proposing a structure for managing our point shows financially as well fundraising for the Point Show.  Ideas such as an eye clinic, (with Dr Ruth Marion if possible) an AKC Match, and other ideas will be considered. We need to create a substantial cushion to support the show expenses. [4] The treasurer requested for the 2019 Point shows that individuals responsible for revenue generating items be responsible for collecting the money in a timely manner. The treasurer should be given a list of who the money was from (when appropriate) and the amount collected.  of the show (Examples include trophies, catalog advertising, camping, vendors food, etc )



Annette: On Saturday of the MCKC show Poppy went BOS, BOBOH, and Sporting OH group 4, and earned her CGC.

Paula: Kazakhi was BOB both days and BOBOH and NonSporting OH group 4 Saturday. Rosy was 1st in her 9-12 month class both days, her first weekend of showing.  Kitty earned her CGC.