MCKC Meetings October 11, 2018

Attending:  Chair: Carolyn Fuhrer, attendees: Theo Congdon, Marguerite Cutroni, Peter Liscomb, Donna Cook, Annette MacNair, Lise Hanners, Paula Titon, Zola Coogan.

5:30 PM: Pre-meeting Discussion Topics:  Agility proposal & November Obedience/rally trials

  1. Agility proposal from the Agility Committee was presented and explained; following discussion and clarification it was agreed the committee should proposed to the club at the membership meeting for a vote to move forward.

Proposal:                                                                                                                                                                               [1] MCKC hold 2 AKC 3 day agility trials in 2019, one in May, one in September (?)                                                                                [2] MCKC accept agility equipment purchased by club members with an agreement that part of the profits from each agility event (10-25%) be used to reimburse the purchasers.  If the club were to dissolve before the debt is paid in full, the equipment would be returned to the purchasers.                                      [3] MCKC accept a gift of a 16 foot trailer to be held and insured by the club.                                                              [4] Profits beyond the payback percentage would be divided in accordance with a worker share system approved by the club (to be presented at our November Membership meeting). Each worker at club events would receive a share commensurate with work done and would determine what club programs he/she would like those funds to support.

  1. November 9-11 Obedience Rally Trials at Mt Ararat in Topsham -helpers needed-Kathy Coordinator, Event Secretary: Chris Dostie

[1] Nov 9 at 4 PM: Set up -mats and gates, raffle items, tables, Clynk recycle barrels                                                       [2] Annette: Stewards                                                                                                                                                                 [3] Hospitality for judges: Donna, Carol & Trina; food donors:                                                                                        [4] Hospitality bags: Paula                                                                                                                                                              [5] Raffle Table: Baskets and useful items for dog people: Bring by Friday set up                                                            [6] Vendors (people with dog related stuff   to sell)                                                                                                      [7] CGC,  tricks tests,  and ring time -Saturday 1/2 hr after judges’ books close                                             [8] Breakdown and clean up -after all trials are done                                                                                              


6:30 – 7:47 PM: Membership Meeting:  Same attendees plus Carol Tichy, minus Zola Coogan

 Minutes from September Meeting were accepted as sent

Secretary’s Report:                                                                                                                                                           [1] Welcome to new Member Robin Ohrt                                                                                                                          [2] new member application for Gail Stone has been distributed to the membership by email and will be voted on at out November meeting                                                                                                                                       [3] Members are reminded to contact Vicki Rolls, Conformation Show Chair for 2019, by Oct 19 with judge suggestions or to let her know if you would like to help with the judge selection process.                         [4] Recommendations coming forward from our treasurer re rules and procedures, and updated membership list (see below)

Treasurer’s report                                                                                                                                                                       [1] Financial reports accepted as sent                                                                                                                                [2] Sample of revised membership list was presented, included date of joining and skills and interests, and accepted as format going forward.                                                                                                                          [3] Proposed that we create a supplement to our Constitution and Bylaws:  Standing Rules and procedures.  This would include descriptions of the responsibilities of standing committees.  Collecting our practices and policies this way will allow easier access to historical practices.  Standing rules can be fluid and updated as needed at membership meetings without  a “constitutional convention.” Motion was made and unanimously passed to form a 3 or more member committee to put together a first draft of standing rules to bring to the membership meeting.  Volunteers:  Marguerite Cutroni (chair) Donna Cook, Paula Titon, Theo Congdon.

Committee Reports

[1] Budget Committee for Conformation Show: Annette MacNair  -chair  Suggested members: Zola, Vicki . Draft of guidelines proposed by Annette:

  • The committee will be comprised of a minimum of 4 MCKC members. The committee members will be expected to be available for monthly meetings and devote sufficient time to prepare for each meeting
  • The Committee will: [1]Receive and review the financials from the 2018 Conformation Show and put together a proposed budget for the 2019 Confirmation Show. [2] Report this information back to the club. [3] Give suggestions and modifications in budgets in accordance with MCKC objectives. [3] Give suggestions to improve efficiency and achieve budgetary goals. [4] Propose fund raising ideas.

It was recommended by membership that a preliminary budget for 2019 judges’ expenses be created with/for Vicki ASAP, with the understanding that if there is need for more money than that the committee will also proposed fundraising projects

[2] 2018 Show follow up:  improved communications for next year:  Have a link to AKC for show results posted on our website. Include info in our catalogue and judges’  booklet so show attendees can find their results as soon as the AKC posts them (this year it was around Sept 18 or 19) KD will let Sharon know about this. We can also have signs posted at the show on the Show Secretary’s table. (Note: this sort of detail can become part of a “procedures” part of a standing rules booklet.

[3] Agility Committee (Carolyn- Chair)

Proposal (see premeeting above)

Discussion:  Insurance for Trailer and equipment replacement might be about $500 but seems essential. Locations trials being explored: Pinelands in New Goucester (Indoors) and Union Fairgrounds (outdoors) Carolyn will prepare a “Workers’ share” proposal for the November meeting. We hope new member Robin Ohrt will be able to be our secretary for the trials (she is an AKC Agility Secretary) so we are trying to work with her schedule as well as the show sites and other agility clubs existing trials schedules.

A motion to accept the agility committee proposal and move forward was made and unanimously accepted

Kathy Duhnoski reported we had a lovely thank you note from Ann Lively who found us on our Website and came to our August ACT tests and had a very successful time.  We hope to see more of her and her Collie!

[4] Tracking: Tracking Tests Oct 21 TD, TDX are fast upon us.  Paula Titon will be chief Tracklayer, and food coordinator.  Please contact her if you can volunteer food or your time (832  1086) or have questions if you’d like to come and watch.

Kathy Duhnoski reported we had a not from Lisa Beever whose Dachshund qualified at our VST test in 2017 at Colby that she placed an ad in the catalogue for the AKC National Tracking Invitational thanking MCKC and Northstar for providing a wonderful site for tracking tests. Thank you Lisa!

[5] Rally/Obedience: Trials coming up Nov 10-11 in Topsham (see above pre-meeting) Event secretary is Chris Dostie

New Business: Carol and Frank Tichy will host our holiday Party at their home in North Union on Thursday December 13.  Details to follow.  We are so thankful for their gracious hospitality!

Club Brags for September

Kathy Duhnoski: at Sacarrappa: Paris Ann  earned her 2nd Novice leg;  Mikey earned his 1st leg in Intermediate Rally, placing 4th in the class.

Donna Cook: at Sacarrappa: earned her Rally Novice title with a 97 2nd place score both days for her 2nd & 3rd legs. She received her Achiever Dog Certificate

Annette MacNair: Poppy passed her GRCCA (Golden Retriever Standard Certificate) Three judges assessed her conformation, movement and temperament and determined she has met the standard. She has also achieved her UKC Championship.

Theo Congdon: Biddy decapitated and dispatched 3 mice

Paula Titon: Star & Kazakhi earned their novice trick titles at the New England Chow Chow Club “Chow Day” held in RI.   Star passed her Tracking certification test at the MCKC sponsored certification test day.  Kazakhi received a certificate from the National Chow Chow Club placed #3 in Rally Novice nationwide in 2017.