Present:Paula Titon, Marguerite Cutroni, Peter Liscomb, Kathy Duhnoski, Carolyn Fuhrer, Annette MacNair, Ted & Janet Williams, Robin Ohrt, Carol Tichy, Donna Cook

  • · An instructional meeting needed re various Agilitiy jobs  (February 14that  5:30} Robin has handouts. Carloyn, Ted and Annette have course building experience; others will work with them. (February Premeeting)
  • · Equipment: We need all this by early April: Agility equipment will be AKC compliant; we need timers: Borrow/rent or buy? (check with ACME (CPE) Scale for tire (a luggage or fish scale-Robin will provide (3 lb weight 2 measuring wheels -Robin has one, will get another  (we have 200” and 300” tapes (Carolyn/Peter)  Table. Also: wheels to move equipment? Hammers, surveyors tape and way to secure on the running surface,  scribe table boxes, whistles, shovels for filling divots. Cones, numbers
  • · Trailer committee: plan the ways to most efficiently sore equipment (David, Donna, Peter, Ted
  • ·  Ribbons: Robin will work with committee and order and store # needed and types; toys(pet Edge order/)
  • ·  Photographer (Louann Thomson) We can provide a  data base ; a standard contract with her or other  photographer should be drawn up; hope for photos for web site and 2-3 pictures from photographer to raffle
  • ·  Food Vendor as yet unresolved
  • ·  Plans for worker-volunteers: raffle tickets , water


Present:  All of the above and Sue Mendleson, Vicki Rolls

Secretary’s Report: Minutes accepted as emailed; Secretary reported that the AKC has approved our August 31-Sept 1 Conformations shows; Shared message from Theo who is currently in Washington state attending to family matters We welcomed new member applicants to the club meeting.  Their Application is attached

Treasurer’s report for November-December 2018, accepted

Committee Reports

Conformation: Show committee reported that judges are identified and contracts will go out; Dan Dowling will be contacted regarding helping with Trade Winds Reservations for judges and Rau staff person.  Note: He has accepted that responsibility and will do so when the show committee gives him the names and dates rooms are needed for. Report accepted

Performance :

  • ·       Agility(see above);
  • ·       Obedience and Rally Trialscoming up in April.  Things are in order. Paula will work on Hospitality bag; Kathy and Donna on Ribbons and Trophies
  • ·       Tracking: NorthStar has a schedule of workshops for the spring. Peter will be chief track Layer for April Tests

Nominating Committee:  (Peter Liscomb, Chair) Will have a slate to present by Feb 1st  

Standing Rules Committee:  Will begin work this month

New Business:

  • ·       It was recommended and moved by the Treasurer that we acquire a credit card to facilitate payments for our events.  The only two people authorized to use it will be the treasurer and vice president (who are also the two people who can sign checks)  It was also suggested we look into a paypal account.  The membership authorized the treasurer to investigate this option.
  • ·       Should our annual dues be increased?  The general consensus was no
  • ·       There was a question from our Website manager about acquiring added domains.  It was decided the treasurer and website manager should discuss this and decide.


Carolyn Fuhrer is now a certified AKC Tracking Judge! Congratulations Carolyn!

From our November Obedience and Rally Trials:

Carolyn and Somer – Rally High Combined and Rally Triple High Combined, Saturday and Sunday!                                                                                                                                                     
Kathy and Mikey – Rally Intermediate Title, 4th place on Saturday, WildCard Novice, 2nd Place                
Kathy and Paris – New Title – CD                                                                                                       
Sharon and Sira – 2 Rally Masters Legs for a total of 8; Second Preferred Open leg                   
Pam and Allie – Rally Advanced B title with a first place and score of 99 Obedience Novice B 1st place with a score of 195.5                                                                                                                     
Donna and Maddi – Rally Advanced Saturday – 3rd place with a 99 and 1st leg; Rally Advanced Sunday – 3rd place with an 89 and 2nd leg; Wild Card Novice 1st place with a 189 ½;           Beginner Novice – Saturday – 2nd place with a 196 –New Title                                                Beginner Novice – Sunday – 1st place with a 199 (bumper leg)                                                
Marguerite and Pearl – Beginner Novice Title and third place and Beginner Novice bumper leg with a fourth place; Rally Novice 1st leg with 2nd place, Rally Novice 2nd leg with 1st Place and Novice Tricks Title                                                                                                                       
Marguerite and Maiha – Maiha heeled!!!                                                                                            
Jane Peabody and Cloudy – Novice B  - New title – CD and a 4th place on Sunday                            
Gail Stone and Abby – Rally Novice title; Rally Advanced A with a                                                  
Gail Stone and Webster – 2 Rally Novice legs                                                                                          
Paula Titon and Kazakhi – 2 Rally Intermediate legs with a 2nd place on Saturday                          
Robin Ohrt and Sway-Z – 2 Intermediate Rally legs and a 1st place on Saturday                         
Joyce Grotton and Skye – 2 Rally Novice legs and a fourth place on Saturday and 1st place on Sunday                                                                                                                                                               
Lise Hanners and Tess – 1st leg in Rally Novice and CGC Title                                                              
Marie and Zuko – 1st place Rally Masters with a 100; New Title – Open A – with a 1st place and a score of 198 ½                                                          
Marie and Mai – lst place Novice B                                                                                                              
Donna Cook—Maddi achieved her AKC Rally Advanced Title with a 98 , and earned her first AKC Rally Excellent leg with a 92 at two shows in MA                                                                                             
Paula Titon—Kazakhi earned his AKC Intermediate Rally Certificate at the Thanksgiving Cluster in W. Springfield MA

NOTE: I am sure I have missed some achievements.  Please either send me additions or bring them to the February meeting 

ADDENDUM:  Feb 1, 2019: Report from the Nominating Committee:

These are the nominees that the Nominating Committee has agreed on. They have all agreed to serve if elected.

President: Paula Titon
Vice President :  Annette MacNair
Secretary: Martha Ortmann
Treasurer:  Marguerite Cutroni

Board of directors:
Donna Cook
Susan Mendleson
Kathy Duhnoski 

In accordance with our bylaws, Article 4, section 4: Additional nominations from among eligible members of the club who are in good standing may be made in writing by any member in good standing provided that the person being nominated provides written consent to accept the nomination and to attend all meetings.  Additional nominations must be received by the secretary by March 1 (Paula Titon: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 615 Old Augusta Rd. Waldoboro, ME 04572) and be included in a club publication. No person may be a candidate for more than one position.