Attending: Robin Ohrt, Annette MacNair, Paula Titon, Kathy Duhnoski, Ted & Janet Williams, Joyce Grotton, Martha Ortmann,

Proposed budget was presented and reviewed

Robin distributed and reviewed a handout of the volunteer jobs that need doing at the Agility trials

Key positions: Carolyn: Trial Secretary; Ted Williams Chief Course Builder, Gate Stewards Carolyn and Kathy. Many volunteers to help with course building, Scribes, Assistant Scribes, Timers, Leash Runners, Score runners and Ring Crew

There will be a daily raffle for the volunteers: members and vendors, please contribute to the raffle items. Additionally there will be water and snacks for volunteers.


Attending: Robin Ohrt, Annette MacNair, Paula Titon, Kathy Duhnoski, Ted & Janet Williams, Joyce Grotton, Martha Ortmann, Susan Mendleson, Vicki Rolls

Secretary’s report: [1] January minutes were accepted as corrected (Addition of Donna Cook and Carol Tichy to the attendees at the January meeting) [2] Secretary also reported that Theo Congdon is back in Maine; Welcome back, Theo! [3] Regarding Nominations for 2019-2020 Officers and Board members: Members have until Prior to the March 14 meeting to submit any additional nominations. Election will be held at the April meeting. [4] Any questions or concerns regarding new member Applicants, Ted and Janet Williams should be submitted to the Secretary prior to March 10. (see January minutes for added information regarding items [3] & [4]

Treasurer’s report was circulated and approved.

Committee Reports

CONFORMATION: [1] Vicki and Sue brought the membership up to date on the judges’ assignments and judge expenses. We will not know final costs until the cost of travel and hotels are finalized. [2] discussed next steps: [a] Premium list and Trophies (cash prizes) need doing by beginning of April. Robin Ohrt volunteered to work on trophy donations [b] PR: we need to try to procur ads (Lynn Thomas and others?) Everyone should contact local businesses and veterinarians for this and or trophy support. Trina could perhaps work on her Patch Program again. Ads and articles in local papers and down east dog news [c] We might reach out to other Maine dog clubs who might want to use our venue for offering introductions to activities the are sponsoring. We should establish a fee for use of our show site which would help meet our own expenses for the show. Example: Martha Ortman will check to see if Maine tracking club might want to do something with scent work. Annette MacNair and Paula Titon will look into doing CGC testing and Trick testing to benefit the conformation show. [d] We need a Chief Steward to work with and provide relief to ring stewards and also recruit ring stewards in training [5] Vendors- Check with Trina to see if she might coordinate this again. ?Bill Benner (fries and burgers) ? Bill Moody ice cream [6] Annette RV Parking. (Juli has agreed to assist again) [6] Disaster plan and safety officer [7] Sue is coordinating tents and fair grounds arrangements and [8] Vets on call

TRACKING :April 27-28 Tracking tests (TD and TDX) are ready to roll with the meeting site at Northstar. [1] Peter Liscomb will be chief track layer for TDX; Kathy Duhnoski for TD Track layers needed! [2] Food donations and hostess/menu planner needed for lunch on Sunday and Breakfast snacks Sat & Sun. For starters: Robin will make scones; Annette Chicken chili. [3] Also needed: Crowd wrangler

OBEDIENCE/RALLY: Trials at Topsham (Mt Ararat HS) April 13-14 (Set up April 12 after 4:00 PM) Show [1] Secretary: Chris Dostie (Annette Show sec in training) [2] Chief Stewards: Martha Ortmann and Robin Ohrt; Carolyn will help with training new stewards [3] Staffing the tables: Donna: Ribbons and prizes; (Kathy will print out lots of date staickers for the back of ribbons) Joyce: the raffle Zola? : The match sign up; Kate? Trina? Food Annette will purchase added folding tables [4] Discounted rates at Best Western Motel ($87 per night plus $ 25 pet fee; mention MC)

OLD BUSINESS: The issue of responsibility for budgets and costs of the activities we sponsor remains unclear. It was discussed and informally decided tht the standing rules committee will propose a plan for covering this matter.

NEW BUSINESS: Our 2020 conformation has no show site as this is the year the Union Fair and our show dates conflict. We need to o look for alternatives: One is to find out if the Skowhegan NH show would be willing to consider swapping dates with us The other is to look for another location -perhaps the site the UKC people will be using in Augusta this year? Other ideas? If no site seems feasible we will look into a year off.

BRAGS: Matha Ortmann’s Pepper earned his first 2 legs in Beginner Novice Obedience at our November, 2018 Obedience trials in Topsham

Meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM

*Next Meeting March 14th

*Annual April Meeting will be the first Thursday of April, April 4, rather than the usual second Thursday, because the next day of that week many members will be setting up for the obedience trials.

There will be premeetings before each meeting, please look for further announcements about these!