MidCoast Kennel Club
Annual Meeting
Minutes April 4, 2019

Called to order: 6:36 PM

Attendance: Donna cook, Paula Titon, Kathy Duhnoski, Sue Mendleson, Trina Havey, Ted Williams, Janet Williams, Peter Liscomb, Marguerite Cutroni, Annette MacNair, Martha Ortmann, Zola Coogan

First order of business: Moved and accepted unanimously a one slate vote. Board members and Officers for 2019-2020, as elected:

President: Paula Titon

Vice-president: Annette McNair

Treasurer: Marguerite Cutroni

Secretary: Martha Ortmann

Board Members: Sue Mendleson, Donna Cook and Kathy Duhnoski

Secretary’s report: Accepted as amended.

Treasurer’s report: Accepted. Marguerite reported on the limited dollar amount per event ($106) that could be “gifted” to volunteers/stewards under IRS guidelines. Discussion about who has authority to sign contracts. All contracts should be forwarded to the Secretary to keep on record. In addition a copy of all contracts involving money should be sent to the treasurer. Sharon Betts should be made aware of photographer contracts allowing reprint of photos on the web site. REMINDER: It's time to pay our annual membership dues ($20 individual membership; $25 Household membership). Send your dues to Marguerite Cutroni PO Box 532 Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Committee Reports:

Conformation Show (Aug 31-Sept 1): Union fairgrounds all set. Judges ready to be uploaded to AKC. Need to locate an EMT. Have not heard back from Soughegan Kennel Club about show date exchange for 2020. We will not be able to use Litchfield fairgrounds for our date in 2020 as they are already booked. Therefore we have no site for the 2020 show at this time.

Obedience/rally show (April 13-14) : Chris Dostie will need our help in her role as Trial Secretary so that she is not inundated with questions. Recommended that Joyce Grotton can help with the sign-up for Saturday match . Trina Havey can help with book sale. Other members when not busy with other obligations are encouraged to check in and see if help is needed at the tables. Reminder; Set Up for Show is Friday April 12 at 7:00. (Note Change in Time! call Kathy Duhnoski 691-2332 or Paula Titon for details) Contact Joyce Grotton (785-2651) regarding any raffle items. We will have a raffle each day and the winner or a ticket holder must be there.

Tracking (April 27-28) : More track layers needed for April TD and TDX tests . Need for a gallery director. Marie recommended for this job. Also need drivers. Need volunteers to supply salad, water, bread, soda . Chili volunteered by Annette. Soup volunteered by Kathy.

Agility May 10-14: Volunteers please contact Robin Ohrt (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Standing Rules Committee: The first proposed rule from the committee was read and approved as amended. The amendment is that any member can propose a rule to the rules committee for consideration, who will then bring the proposal to the membership. The rule passed was sent to all members with the March minutes. The second set of proposed rules from the Standing Rules Committee which will be discussed and potentially voted on at our May Meeting was also sent out with the March minutes. These have to do with the financial structures to be used for events and donations to events. It was agreed that the current 3 committee members (Paula Titon, Marguerite Cutroni and Donna Cook) would continue to work on proposing standing rules and revising wording as the membership recommends.
Maine Federation of Dog Clubs and Dog Owners: Monday April 8 from 9-12 is lobby day for upcoming bills with special concern for HB (1049) This was cancelled subsequently due to snow. Trina planned on attending.

New Business:In March we had agreed to change the date of our May Meeting from the 9th to the 16th. However, it was suggested at this meeting it might be better to have it May 2 so we can use some of the time to finalize details for our Agility Trials May 10-12. After confirming this date change with Robin Ohrt, it was decided May 2 would be the better date. The location for this meeting will be the Methodist Church in Union, located on route 235 behind the post office. (Park behind the church in its parking lot go to back door) The meeting will be held on Thursday May 2 at 6:30 PM.


From Syracuse NY: Kathy D. reports

Mikey earned 1st leg CD,

Loretta earned her !st leg CD, 2nd leg PCD with a first place and 1st leg Rally Advanced

Somer earned her RAE title, was the highest scoring Golden in EX B, and 5th leg Rally masters with a first place

Wyatt earned his first leg BN with a 2nd place, and his 2nd leg BN with 3rd place

Donna C announced Matti scored a perfect score and first place in Rally Excellent B at the Collie Club show.

Zola C. announced Chenko’s brother, Dr. Pepper, won his 4th international Championship title in Japan.

Meeting adjourned: 7:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Ortmann