Members Present:  Robin Ohrt, Paula Titon (pres) , Trina Havey, Ted Williams , Carol Tichy, Joyce Grotton, Zola Coogan, Donna Cook (board member), Marguerite Cutroni (Treas) , Gail Stone, Martha  Ortmann (sec)

Agility Premeeting:   

  • Ted Williams will be taking over as trial chair. There will be a sign to that effect at the trial.  Paula Recco has been hired as another course builder. In addition to Photography, Louann Thomson, there will be three vendors:  A Chiropractic Veterinarian, Braided leash & toys, and a Dog Treat person.

  • Gail Stone is the Hospitality Chair. Paula will serve as the worker coordinator Snacks and water will be provided to workers and a cash raffle for workers of $5.00 with a total of $100.00 per day. Thank you to Marguerite for her very generous provision of snacks. In addition fruit and hard boiled eggs will be provided . Thank you to Gail and Zola.  Paula is putting together a hospitality bag for the Judge and Joyce is making the bag. Marguerite is our unofficial ombudsperson with Peter as her assistant!

  • Robin states we will really need worker help in the afternoons as there are 40 novice entrants.  She emphasized the need for workers to understand the new handler’s anxiety. A reminder that workers/club members should not handle a misconduct incident by themselves, but bring the issue to the attention of the trial committee.

  • Trial Committee: Ted, Marguerite, Paula, Gail, Robin

  • We will need a microphone system.

  • Setting up cratelines needs to be a priority at set up. Set up is 4:00 on Thursday.  People crating out of their cars will be directed to parking places closest to the arena.

MCKC Member Meeting:  Convened at 6:32 PM

Members Present: same as above listed in Premeeting.

Secretary’s report: April minutes approved as written

Treasurer’s report: Postponed until June meeting, due to early date of May meeting.

President’s report (Paula Titon)   A busy April! The April Obedience/Rally Trial went very well with exhibiters reporting they were pleased with the trial. The April tracking trial went well (although only one team out of the 8 qualified) on the test. Sue Mandelson is getting the premium together for the Conformation show.  There is still no site available for the 2020 Conformation show. Trophy money for the conformations show was given to the treasurer, Thank you Robin for your hard work on this. Paula has the Chow information available for the supported entry. Club trailer was moved to Carol Tichy’s home for storage. Thank you to Carol and Frank for your generosity.

Paula received a letter of resignation from Carolyn Fuhrer and Kathy Duhnoski which she read to the members. It was agreed that this is a big loss as they have contributed in so many ways to the club and its members and significantly helped the club expand its offerings in performance events through their vision of the possible and knowledge of the particulars of each event. They  will be missed and we wish them well.

After the agility trials Paula will get any judges contracts and other records currently held by Carolyn and Kathy. We will need to vote a new board member to replace Kathy. . Anyone interested in being on the board should contact Paula Titon (832-1086 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) prior to May 23rd.

We will hold our June meeting on June 13th and well as special board/membership meetings  on May 23rd. at 6:30 at the Methodist Church 31 Depot St (rte 235 S off the Union Common) in Union. See below for the agenda for the special meetings.

Committee Reports:

Rules Committee:  No recommended changes were submitted for the previously proposed standing rules regarding finances, and a vote was held on the proposed standing rules and passed unanimously. Briefly the rules require that each event committee: 1) submit a budget proposal prior to applying to the AKC to hold the event, 2) submit an event report including finances, 3) review of budget prior to application, 4) reconcile budget within 30 days.  5) Each event would have its own support fund going forward to offset any serious deficit (ie there will no longer be a general “performance support” fund) In recognition of the intent of current performance fund monies, those funds will go to the Tracking Committee Support Funds. The CGC and Trick test funds for the April Obedience/rally trial will go toward the Conformation Event Committee support funds as per wish of Annette who performed these tests.

Obedience Committee: Paula read the obedience committee report as submitted by Kathy and Carolyn. A copy was passed around to members who wished to read the report. In summary, the event went very well. Suggestions for improvement were reported in the report.  Of most importance was the reminder that if an incident rises to the level of Misconduct under AKC rules, the complainant should be asked if s/he wants a formal report made to AKC. If so this must be reported to a member of the trial committee and taken in writing at the event if at all possible.  (Recommended reading: “Dealing with Misconduct: Guide for Event Committees”) The concern expressed by a judge at the April event did not rise to the level of misconduct and was handled informally. Other concerns were to do with making sure volunteers understand the job they agree to so that all responsibilities are met prior to and when events are held.

Tracking Committee report:   Paula read the Tracking Committee complaints as submitted by Carolyn and Kathy. They report a successful tracking event. Concerns were raised about the ongoing parking issues at the fields used around the North Star Training Center and the need for polite consideration of the neighbors whose lands are generously made available and those that are not.  Marguerite reports that the committee recommends cancelling one of the two events scheduled this August, but recommends going forwards with the other tracking tests. Additionally, Paula read a letter of support of Carolyn and Kathy written by Jodie Frazier, for all that they have done for the club to develop our tracking test offerings and so much more.

A general discussion ensued about the total number of events the club is offering with the consensus that other than the dropping of one of the two August tracking test events we will carry out the currently scheduled events for 2019. There is recognition that some processes regarding events planning has been too casual and that procedures need to be more closely articulated and followed going forward. For the time being, until we articulate more specific standing rules, only the President may sign contracts. All contracts must be submitted to the Secretary and all that involve money must be submitted to the Treasurer.

April Brags:

  1. Janet and Fred –a 1st and 4th in Rally Advanced and a new title!

  2. Sway-Z (Robin) Earned Rally Advance Title and became eligible for Versatility Excellent title for his Breed (12 points in 4 events)

  3. Pepper (Martha) earned his Beginner Novice title with a first place

  4. Kazakhi (Paula) earned title of Rally Advanced (finishing at her Nationals) and was awarded a 2018 Chow Chow Triathalon award . Only 4 Chows achieved that award in 2018 and are all of Redcloud lineage (Zola)

  5. Magic (Trina) earned his first 2 Rally Novice Q’s

  6. Sue’s puppy was 4th place in puppy sweeps at the Newfie nationals

  7. Joyce’s sheltie earned his Rally Novice title

  8. Mattie (Donna) earned her Rally Excellent title and one CD leg

  9. Chen-ko’s (Zola) puppy daughter was awarded an award of merit and won a 5 point major at the Chow National this April.

Meeting Adjourned  8:26 PM


The President has called for Special Board and Special Membership Meetings on May 23rd to be held at the new meeting place (The Methodist Church at 31 Depot St (rte 235 S off the Union Common) in Union at 6:30 PM. It would be greatly appreciated if you could let the president know if you can or cannot attend these meetings. contact Paula Titon (832-1086 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Agenda for May 23rd Meetings:

Board Business:  Nomination and voting in of New (replacement) Board Member (per MCKC bylaws)                 

Membership Business:

[1] Review of club plans for the rest of 2019.

  • [a] the calendar of events and deadlines for 2019, including contract obligations and needed communications deadlines (with the AKC and other involved parties)

  • [b] what events we feel we can realistically hold this fall.

  • [c] Identification of leadership roles which need filling for each 2019 event and assignment of said roles.

[2] Replacement of our webmaster/facebook overseer. Consideration of what sort of electronic presence will best meet our needs.  Sadly our current webmaster, Sharon Betts, is moving out of state in June and feels her distance from our club and its activities make her unsuitable to continue in this position. We will miss Sharon, not only as webmaster but also as an active participant with her wonderful Leonberger, Sira, in our club’s performance events.