Executive meeting: Called to order: 6:38

Board members present: Paula Titon, Sue Mendleson, Marguerite Cutroni, Martha Ortmann
The board of directors met in executive session. Theo Condon was elected as an at large board
member to replace Kathy D in accordance with MCKC bylaws
Adjourned 6:45

Special membership meeting:
Called to order: 6:48

Members present: Donna Cook, Trina Havey, Ted Williams, Peter Liscomb, Marguerite Cutroni,
Paula Titon, Martha Ortmann, Carol Tichy, Gail Stone, Zola Coogan, Joyce Grotten , Sue
Mendleson, Robin Ohrt

1)To determine which currently planned 2019 performance events MCKC will maintain and to
develop committees for each performance event: 2) Determine and plan for the MCKC web
site. (Current manager, Sharon Betts will be moving out of the area and can no longer manage
the web site, but is willing to answer questions that arise in the interim)

We will continue with the August 3 and 4 TDU/VST tests Peter will be head tracklayer for the
TDU test. Paula will contact Phil Atkinson to see if he would be willing to be head track layer for
the VST. The Premium list will be completed and is due June 21.
Discussion of holding the October Tracking trial was discussed at length. We have already
contracted two judges. Chris Dostie and Jody Fraser have both offered to be of advisory
assistance. Opinions were shared about the desire expressed by members both in attendance
and not in attendance at the meeting that the October trials be held. Several members voiced
their concern about spreading our member volunteers too thin this fall. Following the
discussion a motion to cancel the October trial was called and put to vote. 10 members voted in
favor of cancelling, 2 opposed, and 1 abstention. The motion passed and the October trial will
be cancelled. Carol and Paula will notify the judges and let them know that they will be given
first option to judge in a future trial. Going forward we need additional members to serve on
the Tracking Committee with Peter and Paula.

Application to AKC Obed/rally November 9 & 10 due to AKC on June 12. Paula has a copy of
the contract for Mt Ararat High School 2 judges haves signed and returned contracts. One
other contract is pending as not yet returned by the judge. Paula has prior examples of AKC
application and will follow up on this. Premium list is due September 27. Martha and Donna
have volunteered to be co secretaries of the trial. Chris Dostie has agreed to be head steward.
Marguerite will contact RAU to see about cost of having them provide a secretary for the show.
Obedience and Rally Trial Committee going forward: Paula (Chair), Chris (chief steward) , Donna
(show secretary), Gail, & Martha. A motion was made to hold the November trial this year. 13
voted in favor (unanimous) of holding the November trial. We will see how the trial goes (# of
competitors and finances) and reconsider for continuation of the Fall trial in the future. Chris
sent an email to Paula stating that as Secretary of the trial she was surprised to hear of any
problems at the spring trial and that the secretary should have been made aware of any. ( this
was in reference to our May minutes for committee report submitted by the trial chair.) She
also suggested we could consider having a show secretary hire from MB-F or Rau. We will
continue to provide our own food for the judges and stewards for cost saving purposes as well
as for sale to competitors. A recommendation was made that at the trial we give a menu ahead
of time to the judges and get their preferences so that we can save food for them.

The agility committee met before the meeting and will submit their report. The agility
committee going forward is: Ted (Chair), Robin, Gail, Marguerite, and Peter. By all accounts our
first Agility trial was a resounding success. Thank you Agility Committee and all who helped at
the trial!

Website hosting:
Note: website and domain renewal due in July. Marguerite volunteered to make sure the event
pages are up to date. Ted will check with his son to see if he would be willing host the web site,
as this is his area of expertise. It was felt the website and domain will be renewed for the
coming year. We will make a final decision about this at the June meeting as to whether we will
continue the web site presence.

Meeting adjourned: 8:05

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Ortmann, secretary