The Mid Cost Kennel Club of Maine has many very busy members.  

2019 Brags

Pamela Pultz with Allie - (CD) Novice 
Sharon Betts with Sira - 8th Rally Master leg
Marie Stupakewicz with Tara-Mai  - 1st leg Novice with HIT
Donna Cook with Maddie - 100 leg Rally Excellent
Kathy Duhnoski with Mikey - 1st leg Novice
Kathy Duhnoski with Loretta - 1st leg Novice, 2nd leg Preferred Novice with a first place, and 1st leg Rally Advanced
Carolyn Fuhrer with Somer - (RAE) Rally Advanced Excellent with highest scoring Golden in EX B, 5th leg Rally asters with a 1st
Carolyn Fuhrer with Wyatt - 1st  and 2nd legs Beginner Novice (2nd and 3rd places)

2018 Brags

Paula Titon with Star - (RN) Rally Novice, 4th Place in(BN) Beginner Novice, Achiever
Paula Titon with Kazhaki - (BN) Beginner Novice with 2nd place. Number 2 Chow National - UKC 2017, (CGC) Canine Good Citizen, (RN) Rally Novice, Achiever, Union shows (BOB both days, BOBOH, Non-sporting OH Group 4), (RI) Rally Intermediate
Paula Titon with Kitty - (CGC) Canine Good Citizen
Zola Coogan with Chen-ko - (BN) Beginner Novice
Paula Titon with Chen-ko - (RN) Rally Novice
Skye Havey and Mimsy - 1st place Rally Novice Junior Showcise twice
Cindee Young and Rickee - (CD)  Novice
Marguerite Cutroni with Maiha - (CD) Novice,  1st leg Preferred Open with 1st place,  Achiever Dog Certificate
Marguerite Cutroni with Pearl - (BN) Beginner Novice with 1st, 3rd,4th places, 2 legs Rally Novice with 1st & 2nd, (TKN) Trick Dog Novice
Pamela Pultz with Allie - 1st & 2nd legs Novice B with two 1st places, (RA) Rally Advanced with a 99!
Marie Stupakewicz with Tara-Mai - (RE) Rally Excellent with 1st place, 1st place Beginner Novice with HIT
Carolyn Fuhrer with Loretta - 1st leg with 1st place Graduate Novice, 1st place Wild Card Open
Kathy Duhnoski with Mikey - (BN) Beginner Novice, (RI) Rally Intermediate with 4th place, Wildcard Novice-2nd
Sharon Betts with Sira - 8 legs in RM with a 4th and a 1st place, (TKP) Trick Dog Performer, Achiever Dog Certificate, (TDU) Tracking Dog Urban, 2nd leg Preferred Open with 1st place
Jane Peabody  Cloudy - (CD) Novice & 4th place
Carol Tichey with Tulip - (BN) Beginner Novice with a 1st and a 2nd place
Annette McNair with Poppy - 2 legs Rally Novice, 2 legs Beginner Novice, Union show (BOS, BOBOH, Sporting OH Group4), (CGC) Canine Good Citizen
Carolyn Fuhrer with Somer - (UD) Utility Dog,Rally High Combined and Rally Triple High Combined TWICE
Kathy Duhnoski with Paris Ann - (CD) Novice, and an Achiever Dog Certificate
Paula Titon with Amber - Number 1 high scoring Chow nationally in UKC Conformation 2017
Carolyn Fuhrer with Wyatt - (TD) Tracking Dog
Sue Mendelson with Quincy - 2nd in Veterans(9-11) @ Newfie Nationals
Sue Mendelson with Bernie - Star puppy, made cut 4-6 mos @ Newifie Nationals
Kate Marchelletta with Ziva - (RN) Rally Novice
Donna Cook with Maddie - (RA) Rally Advanced, Wildcard Novice 1st place, (BN) Beginner Novice, 1st Rally Excellent leg
Gayle Stone with Abbie - (RN) Rally Novice, 1st leg Rally Advanced with 100
Gayle Stone with Webster - 2 legs in Rally Novice
Robin Ohrt with Sway-Z - 2 Intermediate Rally legs and a 1st
Joyce Grotton with Skye - 2 Rally Novice legs with 4th & 1st
Lisa Hanners with Tess - 1st leg Rally Novice, (CGC) Canine Good Citizen
Marie Stupakewicz with Zuko - 1st leg Rally Masters with 100, (CDX) Open with 1st place
Marie Stupakewicz with Tara-Mai - 1st leg Novice with 1st place
Martha Ortmann with Pepper - 2 legs Beginner Novice

End of 2017 Brags

Kathy Duhnoski: Mikey- First time competing in Rally Novice B: First place!
Carolyn Fuhrer: Somer- In Utility A: 1st leg, 1st place, Graduate Open 1st place and title, Special award: highest scoring Golden Retriever with a tracking title
Martha Ortmann: Pepper: CGC & Novice Trick titles; Glory: Novice Trick
Paula Titon: Lucy has 3 puppies born Nov 27, Kazakhi and Star have their ACT I titles
Zola Coogan: Chen-ko has his ACT II title; Marpa went BOB at the New England Chow Specialty; Dahlia has earned 12 points toward her championship title this fall.
Sharon Betts: Sira has earned her CD, TD ACT I & II and 3 trick titles, and first leg in Preferred Open
Peter Liscomb: Maggie earned her TDX in 13 minutes!
Marguerite Cutroni: Maiha has earned 3 trick titles, Advanced Rally and ACT II titles
Donna Cook: Mia and Mattie have earned their Novice trick titles.
Beth Laukka: Trek has earned his CD title, Novice trick title, and Excellent jumper with weave poles in agility.
Marie Stupakewicz: Zuko has earned his CD, Rally Excellent title, ACT1 and 2 titles and 2 legs in Preferred Open
Marie Stupakewicz: Tara-Mai has earned her Rally Advanced title, Act1 & 2, 3 Trick Dog titles and 1 leg in Rally Excellent.
Annette MacNair: Grace - (ACT 1) Agility Course Test 1, Cynosport Veteran Rally titles: RLVX12, RL1X15
Annette MacNair: Poppy - Best of Opposite 4-6 Mo., Best Beginner Puppy in Show 4-6 Mo.